About Us

Edgewood Holdings is a family office that invests selectively in a broad spectrum of commercial activities, sourced by its team of highly experienced professionals who use their worldwide network and extensive global experience at firms like Duke Energy, Glencore, Valero, Merrill Lynch, and McQuilling Partners to source, structure, due diligence and execute transactions. On large transactions, we often partner with well-established private equity funds and industrial companies with complementary skills and resources.

Edgewood may serve as either a direct investor or in a service capacity as an advisor to the company, shareholders, bankers, or Board of Directors.  See our Case Study for Ridley Terminals for an example of our value in an advisory service capacity.

Edgewood is a long-term investor with a virtually unlimited investment horizon. This facilitates a commitment to the private ownership of companies and provides us with the flexibility to focus on long-term capital appreciation and value creation as opposed to short-term paper returns.

Once Edgewood has made an investment, we play an active role in developing and managing the business either through creative commercial relationships or by bringing value-added management oversight and strategic development focus. We have significant and unique commercial and operating experience that we can bring to bear on our investments.

We remain flexible on the types and structures of the transactions in which we invest. However, we focus on those sectors where we have operating experience and strategic relationships including:

  • Transport and logistics

  • Bulk commodities and energy

  • Petrochemicals and refining

  • Water and agriculture

  • Commercial activity in fine art and film

  • Real Estate

Alternative Asset Consultant